John Himmelfarb: Galatea Drive

Trucks - the book
John Himmelfarb: Trucks: Recent Works (Hardcover)
By Scott Griffin

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"The American truck is rich in visual, cultural and economic associations. Over the last decade, the image of the truck has featured prominently in the work of artist John Himmelfarb (born 1946). "Trucks: Recent Works" documents the artist's visual exploration of the vehicle's intrinsic cultural significance. Utilizing a lighthearted and varied approach, Himmelfarb takes the isolated image of the truck in many directions, working in media encompassing sculpture, paintings, lithography, etching, silkscreen prints and drawings. In Himmelfarb's own words, "These works are not about trucks but about us, our histories, skills, coping mechanisms, ambitions and character." Occupying a visual idiom between the timeworn and the timeless, the works collected in this volume infuse the American truck with life and character, transforming it into a provocative artistic motif.